We need to learn to read
what God has written on our hearts
from creation –

and all those who lead in the teaching
of the people of God
in the world
are like the stars
shining brightly
the path:

grown over with brambles
and crabgrass
reminding all how cutting and pruning
the undergrowth trains the seedling branches
to turn heavenward
being “citizens of heaven”
even while on earth
self-discipline and self-control
the re-orientation from “careless distraction”
to “mindful attention” to the Way
the Way of the Spirit
the Truth and the Life
that is Eternal
ignoring the swamps of the temporal-
transient rewards and enticements
the temptation allurements
and work with inspiration
the work of the Spirit
Who teaches all there is to know of the Holy:
of God
of others
of nature
and of the self
to remain humble
to accept with obedience
being made by and for the Holy
choosing freely, willingly and joyfully
in image and likeness
the ways of the Holy
“Being Holy”
And All In Public Service for God:
An Ode to Salt & Light TV