Multi-Spiralling Liquid
"Liquid Thinking" - an invention of the author of the new Theory: The Four
Phases of Being: IQ
3 -Integrity Quotient and subtitled Human Potential and Its Shadow. In short
it is about
grace and sin. It is also identified as The Phenomenon of Abundance and
Its Antithesis -Entropy: From Thwarted Potential to Amoral Intelligence -The
Betrayal of Our Divine Heritage.

Liquid Thinking is a new terminology to describe flexible thinking that exemplifies
the new mind that according to
de Bono, rejects 'rock logic' and embraces 'water
logic'. And according to the theory on Human Potential and Its Shadow, the
metacognitive strategy "Being Metaphor" allows the person to keep all experience
within the human range of "Quest:Provocation" and "Active Database Expertise" in
the 'change-able' perspective of  "Wonderment:Liminality" in Overlaid Bisociation
with "Flux:Transformation". Liquid Thinking engages
The Four Phases of Being.
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Multi-Spiralling Liquid Thinking

The spiral is still conditioned linear thinking
since progress moves sequential, it is suggestive of limited systems
because the energy of experience, left behind, once the moment
on the spiral passes, flows forward tangential--forgetful.

A model that allows us to go back in time or into forward
forecast is more attuned to potential co-existing with experience
unfolding into future--injected with the learning
of other moments lived in harmony with mental capacities.

Multi-spiralling web formations are nature's stalwart configurations:
atoms in motion . . . magnetic fields . . . chaos flows . . .idea storms . . .
"Liquid thinking" in preparation readies the body-mind perceptions
for reading the "need-thought" dynamics behind our "action-responses."

Mind maps link persistent, as fine a filament as sentiment
memory and wishful thinking: cosmic, synchronistic connections
elastically bound over space and time compacts wisdom
out of life's remote and distant, making replete the now moment
. . . "overlaid bisociations" of my Liquid Mind.

Mary Angela Nangini