Poster presented to the Teachers of the Gifted : Day of Reflection
     Toronto Catholic District School Board - 2001
copyright: Mary Anne Dente. All rights reserved.
On Light and Lightness:
Being Butterfly
Catch perspective in living colours
God's joy taking flight
Transmogrify the ordinary
The metamorphosis of life

Take the everyday from the crawl
The slow the banal into glorious learning
And paint them flowers for your landing
Taste. Sample. Experience.
The wonders of creation
Sparkling. Fragile. Gentle
"Being Butterfly"

Be the butterfly of many reasons
Large. Small. Intricate. Simple.
Each original in God's mind
Manifestation of beauty and design
Bringing order to the chaos
Caring wisdom, model mentor
God-teacher of the children
Chase the play and dream your dreams
Catch light on your wings
Prisms of your soul
Rejoice in your "Lightness of Being"