The Four Phases
                    of Being
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The  Four Phases of Being:
Human Potential & Its Shadow

After analyzing and evaluating over sixty
accidental discoveries and inventions in
science, Four Commonalities emerged
among these extraordinary scientists in
their relationship with self and world of
which three were clearly discernible:

Phase II - Quest: Provocation
Phase III - Active Database: Expertise
Phase IV - Flux: Transformation

The Fourth eluded me and was identified
after several years of reflection and
research. Ironic how the last found is
really the first learned but perhaps too
readily left behind as we mature into the
adulthood phases. The last commonality
became what is now called Phase I :

Phase I -Wonderment: Liminality

These commonalities are universal in the
development of human potential or they
deepen the shadow within our
dynamic/static states of being. The Four
Phases Of Being are blocked
synergistically in pairs as


Phase I/IV - Unexpected: Gift
Phase II/III - Action: Preparation
Phase I/II - Active Subconscious:
        Back Burner Functions
Phase III/IV - Active Conscious:
          Front Burner Functions

Phase II/IV - Response to Love
Phase III/I - Response with Service
Phase I/II - Childhood Mastery Block
Phase III/IV - Adulthood Maturity Block

Phase I/IV - Feminine,
Subjective,                              Invisible,
Right-brain Functions
Phase II/III - Masculine,
Objective,                                Visible,
Left-brain Functions

Actions arising out of the degree of
developed by a person
determines the maturity of spiritual
competence. Responses that are not
synchronized to the Four Phases Of
Being, signify deficiencies in one or more
pairs of Phases manifested by the

Being Metaphor Shadow: (Diagram)

Phase I -insensitivity to others and
Phase II -avoidance of unpleasure
Phase III -provocative wilfulness
Phase IV -damaged self-esteem
Phase I/III -self-centredness; narcissism
Phase II/IV - hording; laziness
Phase II/III - closed system; static
          self-serving service
Phase I/IV - open system; dynamic
         un-availed service
Reclaiming Phase I -
contact me:

        i'm an imposter
          i don't know
          what i know
  i'm not as good as i say
 i stay well out of the way
 semantics strangle values
    subject lost to object
      annuls my identity
          who am i am?

"Go back to your roots
in the earth
you belong in the dirt
you don't deserve
the light of day."

even those in the sunlight
can learn from those of clay
       even they
are fed from their genesis
rootstocks of nourishment
 rhizomes of origin
potatoes parsnips peanuts
and the family tree
    grow that way
        don't we

The health-conscious
the worth
of goodness.

Mary Angela Nangini