Site Leader : Mary Angela Nangini                       Church Leader : Fr. Efren Alvarez Pelayo
Being Salt

Sophia seasoning
Pungent Prudent Power
Preserves us from corruption
Gives flavour to our life
Being Salt

The human mine
Where salt is found in abundance
Brine-ground for intelligence
In pursuit of excellence
In image and likeness

And even when life drains us
And our earthiness
Reveals our weakness
We are found to be worthy
Of Life's gifts
Like the seas and ocean waters
Forever plentiful
In the sharing of our precious multifarious selves
The service and the sacrifice

God's Breath blown upon us
Seasoning the earth
Beloved in God's eyes
Enriching our human worth
Being Salt

© Mary Angela Nangini  2002
Being Salt: Silk Screen Print 2002