copyright: Mary Anne Dente
Walking in the Light : Being Salt
Mary Angela Nangini

Walk in the Light -To see the Shadow
For I am the Way. the Truth. and the Life.
I am the Light
Do not be afraid to follow - be as children - open
To the Wonder that is my Father in Creation
To the Wisdom that is the Holy Spirit to you given
Accept the Holy - the full of  the Glory of
God-Love in the body
When you offer yourself - the Value in my Sacrifice
Take up my Cross

Talk with Wisdom -To reject the Shadow.
The shallow. The lukewarm.
The sage accepts the challenge
To see with the vision of Sapience:
To rise above the slayers of the Spirit
Be fortified with the Living Bread
The Living Wine - the Love-Flow spent
For you my beloved - who walk in my Footprints
God-Teacher-Servants of the Kingdom
In your presence God
We work the vineyards and reap the harvest
Cast nets to inspire hearts to conversion
Share the love of learning of Your Way in multiples
Transformational atom-splitting exponentials of human variables
Each child
Reflection in my eye
God in me magnified

We walk in Your Light:
We the Men and Women of the Beatitudes
Talk with Wisdom
Being Salt

Presented to the Teachers of the Gifted                        Day of Reflection October 25, 2002