From The Beholden by
                   Mary Angela Nangini
Sample Poetry from her manuscript
The Beholden
by Mary Angela
Nangini: one of the 11 finalists in the
Rielo Mystical Poetry Prize 2001

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The Beholden

There is no
 dividing line

The fog came out
and ate the borderline
Between lake and sky
and erased the distance.

Couldn't we learn from
work with miracles
and mist over borderline hate
among humans?

Abusers who dispatch. enlist. bribe. blackmail. recruit.
secondary abusers..........are cowards.

Professional. criminal. bandits.
....who use the everyday working law-abiding citizen
using everyday, common sounds and actions
to perpetuate the legal stalemate to retain a win
to keep on doing wrong!
Searching for persons at leisure, at play or in
garnering the inexperienced opportune youthful trust
and anyone right - for the timely place and function
to do the needed sordid deeds deemed normal
to the eye, and ear and heart.

The enigma of when wrong is right and right is wrong
is the perennially perplexing paradox of moral..
ground zero growth zones of the unmindful
the amoral halcyonic artifice proclamation:
Speak your mind and you'll be found insane
Keep silent and you'll go stark raving mad
This is the truth of the catch 22 game:
Mind can resist for how long
Madness underscores intrepid strength
Time draws its limits in the sand

Except...this myopic declaration
Is reasoning that's soul-dead wrong!

Rationality has a blind spot
When the wholeness factor is compromised without
Integrity, honesty and community in the
Waged profiteering, domineering and calculating
Your ascribed acrid winning posts
Become the essential markers -the buoys dodged
Steering the spirit's search for hope.

The secondary abuser becomes primary witness
Standing against the evils accrued by stone hearts
To reveal and expose the false: Each testimony given
Connects the chain of humanity -you, would vow to
Unless the self-proclaimed action signals inversion
And one after another is lost to the darkness of

NB: Take note. The abuse of truth by lie
Is vanquished in the end and final round
The Kingdom of God is and shall be found
Even by those whose hearts are sold:
Christ has already won!
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