Publisher needed to reprint
by Mary Angela Nangini
Mellen Poetry Press - 1995
Singhampton Swing

Drooping misery
with the rain
i drive through parting winds
and hear the calling of the swings
doing the invitation jig
to the gushes of wind
testing the strength
of its chains
-will i join the game?

Country drivers summer hours
oblivious to the jingle and the jangle
slide by the singing clamour
i dare to stop

I crawl out of the dumps
to chase the dregs
to pull off a high
to reach the sky
thrill seeker that i am

I steady the seat with my hand
it tackles
i tame
i rock
i stretch loose and long
magic plastic gravity
takes over
and i hang my head
with my hair
i'm on a bed of air

Amidst the dense of quiet
i hear stirrings
ripples rise
from deep inside the land of play
gurgles join the parade
laughter explodes around me
thunderous claps split my sides
lightening zaps my nerve of joy
fanfare blasts echo
each bumpy
tingling pore
and bounce into the countryside
silenced by the drizzle
fully alive
tipping the horizon
the swing in the park
and i
the pendulum
Allenwood Beach

Nostalgia beckoned
And I heard the call
I came to meet you
On the shore.
The imprint of your face
Cavorted in the sky
Among the floating clouds.
Beguiling whispers
Murmurs from the lake
Languid promises
Of lost embrace.
I have to leave it
All behind.

The place
My sky dome
Where water land and space
Form the horseshoe cove.
A gift for me
From nature.
A womb.
A haven.
A love grove
Of my own.
My summer home.

..........Brainful of insights...

when i empty out
my days and nights
and i hear silence.

Out of the dark
leap words
faster than i can write
i am scribe.