Page 2 - Haiku Poetry
by Mary Angela Nangini
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dastardly obtuse
              mind-set obsessed

                     seven X seven X seventy
                               as I must forgive

if  you don't let go:
fester the memory
wallow in the pain


sever from the past
let life live in new love songs
go - be born again

      and Lara's love song
      repeat Shakespeare's theme:
      star-crossed lovers forever
      Juliette & Romeo

in the shadow
passing the time of day:
stones in conversation

                           leaves play the lyre
                branches sway with the rhythm
       magical wind

from the mind          the seeing
from the heart          the feeling
in body and soul       the freedom of being

  50 years         seasoned life
   wisdom      has found its hearth

black tree etchings       a full moon in the sky

sound alert
antennae rotators
my cats' ears
   strings in variation:

mandolin music
water ripples on my skin
love-thrills on strings

                lilt of the violin
                soul ululations

and the harp
heaven's own love-song
molten gold; liquid strings


          musical strings
              vibrations on my skin
                 ....your eyes
O Valentine my sweets in reverse for you
Beware the Ides of March in 2002:
Is threat by any other name still a threat?

                i dream
                and death comes through
                i'll dream of you

Et tu Brute: forever new

And what if not then?
The point'll never know when...

  The Ides come and go
   Ebb and flow rhythms of life
   Pass through your door
   But by foul play or fate
   Death still awaits

What brilliant revelation      god-Complex!
Is threat by any other name still a threat?