3P Chameleons:
Power. Privilege. Profit
of the Shadow Potential
3-P Chameleons

Yellow - there
the bright flower in the grass
with up to five clusters of petals
arranged one flat
facing a seed
if opened gently

Red - here
the little spot spider
running up my paper
thinking i could blow it away
-that's when it stops
and holds still
can't be budged
no matter how hard
i blow
my breath-gale makes it cling
then it runs on
disappearing over the bridge
swinging on the breeze
on its silken thread

How well nature works on instinct!

But not humans:
we go along
no matter what
pushed pulled
dragged or kicked
we submit - rebel
according to the fad
or who tolls the bell

Yet we can still delight
at the simple white
and hot pink fragile petals
on the bramble-thorn-bushes

And like the juicy purple flowers
of clover
we are ourselves sweetness as loved ones
and lovers

Or like the white berries on hold
hanging on the shrubs
manufacturing colour
for late
in autumn's summer

How nature is in tune with its cycles!

As humans
we can do better
we don't have to be stuck
or just sit and watch

We can create our own spiral
up on the down.   down on the up..
change linear to random
reverse on our forward
we can honour potential
and resist being stuck
as destroyer
in the clutches
of the 3-P Chameleons:
Power - Privilege - Profit
-to profit on the power of privilege
-to have power over the privilege of profit
-to take a negative advantage of a privilege in the power of profit

Power empowers:
An empowered person  enlivens. enriches.
And in turn empowers others
Hears the message...
Love as I have loved you
Response-Ability awakens

The hidden chameleon character of power - enslaves
Calls to itself
self-serving service: the God-complex

The False Power Chameleon demands submission
and dependence
Its power to control is insatiable
We work in acquiescence to grandeur
Should we succumb and defer to its dominance

On blinkers...
On blinders....
On scales of illusion...
The Land of Plenty awaits, so onwards...to profit and profusion

Alleged victim of slump on the world market
goods and services rendered
recycled into the investment and expansion
business booms on cheap labour
and tapping resource commodities
natural - sub-natural - unnatural
provided at cost
+ plus the pay-checks
+ plus utilities expenditures
+ capital gains margins

Research and development must be boosted
advertisements expand the horizons
air-time is justifiable
it's proven
BoobTube sucks in more customers
than lopsided reasoning cerebrals
reaching beyond readers
image-inundation subliminals

Captivating the Need-Processor is the ultimate device
grabbing the feeling viscerals

Emotional victims will do anything to be whole again
after all-
does it not also profit the buyer to be healthy and wholesome:
health is but a slice of happiness
when in possession
of the right merchandise

Makes for good business cents

The Land of Plenty
Marches to a band
The Privileged in ranks
Shall be marked
With pomp and circumstance
The rigors of training
The hours -the money
To be best
Signed on - hired - voted
Is the just reward
It is my right
To deserve
Position posted
Erected status symbols
Make no mistake
I am who am - verified
No doubt about that!
The in-win!
Tough luck who's out
The moat stays
Unequivocally - definite
To talk. walk. eat.
-with sinners.
When I can perform miracles?

To wash. dust. dirt.
-off smelly feet.
When I can have mine always perfumed?

To have no. home.
-no pillow. to lie. a head on.
When will I own the whole of every-thing?

What kind of life
Would I be living
Without the reared of distinction
If there's no difference
Between my efforts
And the lazy and not-good-enoughs
Then why should i bother
Doing all this stuff?
The poor will always be with us!

In our world of glut
Self-serving service proclaims its acquisition
Of independence
Claims its rightful place
Feeding avarice and ignorance.
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