The Beholden
Samples from the manuscript The Beholden by
Mary Angela Nangini: one of eleven finalists for the
Fernando Rielo World Mystical Poetry Prize 2001
The Beholden

No one can take away beauty
      From the heart or sky

No one can force darkness
      Upon the mind

To rejoice stems
      From the seeing eye:

Of the beauty
      In the surprise

From the morning sunrise
      Noon to evening star

To the night's rest
      Of dreams and healing grace

Of the valley full of fog
      steamy mist on the road

Liquid fire
      On a golden lake

A cloud awash in watercolours
      White light-dapples on tinted sunset rose

Stretching its ends to the beyond
      Imagination's axial poles
The Dynamics of Autopoiesis

independent little characters
my freshly planted miniature roses
take their time showing me
a full display of what might look like
sunrise and sunset parades and charming
sunhits and scents with tropicana can-cans
and just like my cats
hold on to their solemn mystery
uncurl tight little packets
breaking out of their shell bulbs
rosebuds peeking through slowly
offering their hint of colour
unfurling petals
ever so slowly
spreading in full glory
just like my cats
that carry long categorizable lists
of individuated habits
when to play
when to slink away
don't bother me
a whole range of emotions
and feelings
are exchanged
when ill - when well
and just like babies
without words
we hear each other clearly

the power of self-disclosure
is open
to the co-sensitive listener
I am offered
for my attentive time and care
God-love enjoyment