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Gratton Lectures 1998:
          Intentional Spiritual Journey

..the conscious choice to be unplugged
from the source of life and love
keeps us away from the dynamics of living
and waking up to what is within us already
asleep to the transcendent life - the spiritual journey.

The human journey of a spiritual being is founded
in personal experience - the immediate and situational.
To live within, enmeshed and amidst and then transcend
beyond the present: the visible grounds meeting the invisible;
the encounter of the human matrix that makes of us complex
multidimensional in the act of co-creation. The me becoming we
"and the we in God - the seedbed of humanity"
"In knowing you, I have found the me".

Paradigms of shifts: life-changes on a slide
amorphous, forced to take the shape-events of life
as called, conflict of interest
the welcomed stall.

From...through...to...defining patterns...
transitional phases of growing, letting go the rock
rolling with the stone, becoming strong
in the act of volition - to will - conation
in the freedom of response to action -receptive
identity creation, as in God's image.

Time and energy in action
sculpts our commitment to life - our chosen topics
and all of those many imposed upon us
be chance-circumstance strictures.

People and events mix messy not neatly packaged
with labels and directed instructions.
Life evolves, we follow.
The flow-dance makes meaning in time and space
dancing with paradox and enigmas.
How deep is our commitment to explore and
discover the core of our being?

The meaning of commitment roots itself
living with consequences, sees through
the masks in the mirror, reveals
the shattered dreams we wear.

What hidden dream is still on our soul
undiscovered, untold.

The future of relationships unfolds: the small and temporary;
the long, dead-ended finality; the clashes of commitments;
....the sea of possibilities.

Intermediate wholes among the lasting life-courses
become action in connection with one another
from the within to the outer-other: beings in self-encounters.

We work with uncertainty and risk,
personal energy melding in union and in time:
the flowing dynamic of being grateful for the needed grace.

Reality has a vision:
From whose eyes would its meaning flow to see it whole
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