John Dalla Costa on Leadership Beyond 2000

the written chapter
closed fact
isolation cracked
can't turn the clock back

Human interaction
sets the riches of our times
how we're different
how we're the same
our responses turn more human
coming into consciousness
beyond the dollar bottom line
closing the gap between
self-interests and shared interests
business and commercial profits
the capitalist orientation needs new insights:
global economy's infrastructures

The microcosmic mimics the macrocosmic
immune to the dislocation of human dignity
we become the hardened of heart:
imminent and urgent
levels of abandonment
are relational

At the local:
the homeless in the park and streets
lives lived missing nurturing relationships;
emotional absence of bond and home
domestic spousal and child abuse is born

At the global:
favouring the machinations of mindless distraction
displacement of our natural earthen home
creates the economic unbalances
while shunning economic refugees
oblivious to environmental radiation leaks
while inviting ecological catastrophes with the habits we
widening the gap
the economically advantaged spurring those without

Leadership has its task defined
what is the sense of home
what does it mean belonging to a world
social ministries
public institutions
must go beyond the fiscal to the whole
to the needs of all

To develop
complex navigational orientation ethics
organizations must dispel long-standing myths
"ethical behaviour damages corporate functioning"
no longer prevails: Price-fixing
and other unethical interest-based wiring
leaks out eventually
costing more in fraud and corruption
than would upright human-e functioning

Fielding complaints
by the usual chief-ethics officer
Ombudsman playing the defensive function
is water under the bridge-damage done
liability weighing-in actual penalty

Asset application to ethical orientation
when values reflected in the workplace
change environmental practices
competitive ruthlessness
and instate not just token human rights
then the value of economy is redefined
in the vital voices
prophets of our time heard
and in the translation of transactions
a new world

Universal key principals of global ethics
Hans Kung's dream for world management...
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