Overlaid Bisociation:
Energy Oscillation

Action-integration of The Four Phases of
Being in the Liquid Thinking Model (LTM)
(Please see
Multi-Spiralling Liquid
in the POEMS), is conceptualized
as "Overlaid Bisociation" in Figs. 3 and
4 (entry to come) using the Principle of
Synchronicity through a synthesis "Of
Being" called "Response-Ability".
is shown in these designs how
it utilizes synchronicity to harmonize
all aspects of the self in preparation
for action while in a state of openness
to receive in abundance the gifts of
insight, grace, ideas, wisdom, new

Phase I/II - Active Subconscious: Back
Burner Functions

Childhood Phases: These are developed
freely through play, trust, natural
curiosity, exploration and in the
manipulation of materials... These two
Phases must be maintained, nurtured and
integrated into the adulthood phases
III/IV. Characteristics of the Childhood
Phases within the Adulthood Maturity
Block may be noted as: "thrill-seeking",
zest-searching, puzzle-solving,
playfulness  and humour. The Childhood
Phases must be assisted and modelled by
adults to remain healthy aspects of a
peson as they pass through childhood
stages fitting comfortably into the
adolescent and finally adult life. Shadow
resolutions are an essential contribution
made by the adults for the Phase II
development for the manageability of
"provocation" and accepting the
limitations of "quest".

Phase III/IV - Active Conscious: Front
Burner Functions

Adulthood Phases: These are developed
through active involvement, interaction
and participation in a field of interest
where expertise is garnered. Adults model
and teach these Adulthood Phases to
children who experience them through the
wisdom and guidance of adults.

Phase I/IV - Unexpected

Some Character Attributes: Gift;
Feminine; Subjective; Invisible; Right-
Brain functions; Contingent character to
life is accepted; in awe of the wonderful
and the mysterious; movement;
transformation; "wonderosity"; justice;
vulnerable; fragility; insecurity in not
knowing; not certain

Phase II/III - Action-Preparation

Some Character Attributes: Masculine;
Objective; Visible; Left-Brain functions.
Conscious participation, commitment, hard
work, application of skill, service,
planned, experimental, testing,
verification, strategies, certainty

Phase I/III - Response With Service

Some Character Attributes: Vocation,
contribution, citizen, a life dedicated;
Expertise and wonder interact for respect
of all life and resources; tempers greed,
envy...the negative emotions; "Love of",
and Love for" develops altruistic service
steering away from the self-serving

Phase II/IV - Response To Love

Some Character Attributes: Creative
energy, inspiration, insight, vision,
resolution; Problem and vision amalgam;
to harm no one including oneself; A
symphony of harmony with the thorn-rose
paradox of life and conflicts; avoids a
shallow self-serving
"Being Metaphor

Like the activity of electrons in the
presence of a superconductor, each Phase
in the presence of the metacognitive
intervention "Being Metaphor", bisociates
with another to retain energy and loses
nothing to resistance. Resilience,
versatility, and liquid transformations
of thinking flow in abundance.

Harmonization is possible within the
synthesis. This synchronicity balances
all phases to focus action. The quality
of this action depends on the "Response-
Ability" of the person.
The challenge for "Response-Ability" is
to recognize and to act upon the blessing
of the moment in synchrony. Flux that
cannot transform remains provocation: a
problem, the unsolved puzzle, an
irritant, a bur goading quest.

"Being Metaphor" prepares us to act. In
the preparation stages, testing "Being
Parent...gold medalist, victim, criminal,
police officer, advisor" etc., is the
rehearsal phase. Used as a metacognitive
tool to guide action before it is
actually done, changed, avoided,
canceled, or confirmed is the moment of
"temporary absolute".

Synchronized with Moral Law and its rules
of freedom, action can unite "Self" to
"Self", "Self" to "World", and "Self" to
"Ultimate Being" -God. (Fox, 1983; Weiser
& Yeomans, 1988) Panikkar calls this
capacity in all humans an end-point that
is the goal and focus of the evolutionary
process of being human and calls this
profound triadic union of the human being
with the created cosmos and the devine:
The Cosmotheandric Experience.

In the LTM theory, I tend to distinguish
this triadic relationship with the term â
€œtetradicâ€� or four-sided like the four-
sided pyramid. The triadic relationship
has to be established by the one-
oneself, even though we believe God
initiates and we respond, but the
maintenance and collaboration has to come
from the free and willing person.
Therefore, the Cosmotheandric Experience
can only occur in the personal mode - a
tetrad: myself and God, myself and other
humans, myself and the cosmos that
includes all of nature in our various
bioregions of cohabitation. The pyramidal
analogy, with the bottom foundational
triangle as self, and the three sides â
€“God, humans, cosmos is a good example
of this tetrad relationship made up of
self in relationship with God, others and

"Being Pyramidal"
helps us to embody
the metaphor of being
whose attributes allow us
to interpret and reflect upon
personal experiences
for soul expansive
mind-altering reorientation of self
as we keep in mind
this four-sided perspective
in the whole of the meaning.
Human Potential has a Shadow
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To hypothesize...

...if we cannot
the destruction
of what we hate
we will act upon it
for real...

create hypotheses for the acts
seeing with our mind’s eye - surmising
averts the damages - weighs the results

...we live through our action variation
witness the endings
then make the conscious choice
to go on
or to stall...

...of such is the strength
of self-control...

...the ending of an end
soon to be carved truth
is the blessing - the foresight - the vision
of  â€œtemporary absoluteâ€�...

Mary Angela Nangini
From the manuscript: The Beholden

The Positive of Negative

In any kind of
 human degradation
as in
 hostage-taking provocations
 prisoners of war in detentions
 concentration of inhuman encampments
 mental and emotional enslavements
 whatever the abusive variation
personal energy orientation
comes to an end
depleted  devastated
unless rooted in Hope.

Then comes the cracking point:
 into the insanity spiral
 retaliate - allow violence full reign and strike back
 provoke the need for a public assassination
 become numbed by the whole experience in alienation
 "run into the wire" to die
work with the forces of devastation
as does the Author of Life
and transform the negative into positive
and have more of life.

And to have it more abundantly:

I listen
 from the holiest of inner spaces  
 and creativity unfurls
 cracks open the gift of insight
 for its meaning
 seeing with new eyes
 the world.

I feast
 on its meat and vein
 heart  marrow and kernel
 knowledge and understanding
 for energy re-organization
 in person
as in
group, nation, global planet
micro-macro places of being in unison:

The work of Grace.