Poetry from WOMAN IN EXILE
The Edwin Mellen Press - 1991
Houdini file: 09
(from Woman In Exile - 1991)

The three of you
Clumped in a group
Locked as if stationed to watch
Would i fall back into the trap?
The two women
Followed a funeral procession
The man
Looking my way
Did i want to join in and play?
Vicarious in his gleaning
Spurred by the match

I pass by with a heavy heart
Having been there in that exact spot
Freshly out of the same dead-lock
first love

(from Woman In Exile - 1991)  
just opened up
inside of me

the whole world
rushed in
to fill
the vast immensity
of grace -FIRST LOVE

and all of creation
and i
stood still
being crystallized
in human flesh

a simultaneous fusion
the point of communion
the final stretch
the sealed covenant
eternal vouch

it's you and i
and a smouldering

I am You

In Knowing You

I have found the ME

And the WE


The seedbed of
The Noose Extravaganza
(from Woman In Exile, 1991)

Your escapism routine
Was a smash
But now
You've got a noose
Around your neck
As you struggle
Performing your act
Will it loosen
Or tighten
You gave your assistant
To tie into knots
Your wrists did you not
You stood still for her
To chain your feet
So you couldn't walk
You're at her mercy
Beck and call
With a noose around your neck
You're up a wall
Or is it up a creek
Because you're in knee-deep
Or is it up to your neck
And over your head
You're dead

I have no home
And when I'm not
I'm alone
Where I am
I am

Flanks of the highway            
Reflect lights
Cars  lamp-posts
Flooded mammoth-rolling slabs
Slick shiny snow-covered hills
Iced over

Intoxicating power
Mind altering substance
At the tips of nerve endings
Changing my whole being
Way of living
Seeing through new eyes
Poetry from
Mellen Poetry Press - 1995