on War and Peace?
from The Beholden

Lyle Watson
explains genetic coding
rules of conduct
binding all of nature

Stated simply
be nice to insiders
be nasty to outsiders
cheat whenever you can
And what of humans?

What binds them
and what loosens them
from such antics
stuck by force
or willingly and by choice?

Jesus the Christ
explains a new law
rules of conduct
binding for all created
elevated to children of God

Stated simply
love as I have loved you
love your enemy
do good to those who hate
Do this and Peace shall be yours
Follow nature's call and you shall
have War
War is War and Peace is Peace:
from Lenten Meditations

  is about the raging fever
  of human corruption
  external symptoms
  of an ailing and suffering
  global system
The Mystical Body in Pain

  is about the God-Complex
  of World Leaders
  parading parodies
  of perfect justice
  the antithesis
  of the Christ
  who offers the other cheek
  the shirt off his back
  his own body put to death
  for Peace

  is the killing
  of each others' children
  territorial assaults
  of one another’s rights
  the brilliance of human intelligence
  wasted on self-annihilation
  self against self cannibalism

  is about the mistaken hand of God
  pruning the dead branches
  killing trust and spiritual oneness
  all acts of destruction
  against the human spirit
  and the God of Goodness

War begets War:
  anger's desire is for more anger
  greed demands itself multiplied
  revenge is thirsty for revenge collateral
  control lording it over control central
  craving attention and false-power
  the lust for glory
  lethal emotions of the grandiose seven
  and any of their offshoot siblings
  will inevitably kill the soul
  as well as the body
  as well as our planet
Destructive global dragnet        

There is no end
to the insatiable appetite
of the self-aggrandizing need for superiority
the deadly darkness of human capacity
outside the boundaries of Love's Will
and declaring unashamedly:
As long as its my way
As long as mine win

Peace begets Peace
Forgiveness invites forgiveness
Compassion is endless
The Love of God in Abundance
Source and Fountain

We are called in our humanity
to be like the Christ
to have Peace
and to pass it on
this Truth. this Way. this Life.
Dare to live as I have
love reciprocal
from The Beholden

meet me in my eyes
God of wonder
promise surprise

meet me in my skin
fleshful pleasure
drawing beauty within

in the fullness
of all i can be
i meet you

meet me in my other
brother sister
father mother

meet me
tame me
fire of love insatiable

teach me
love reciprocal