Phase II - Quest:Provocation
Phase II: Quest:Provocation    

In this Phase, the mind or
Mindsphere is the central focus.
Mental activity engages "Quest" in
search of meaning and is challenged
by "Provocation" be it negative or

Thinking processes are developed in
"Befriending Darkness" (Fox), within
an abiding sense of "Faith" or belief
that life's failures, irritations,
disappointments, problems,
set-backs etc., can be overcome by
seeing crisis mingled with
opportunity; by seeing hope in the
eye of despair.

An underdeveloped Phase II, or
Mindsphere is characterized by an
"avoidance of unpleasure" (Millar, 1984).
Making sense out of experience is greatly
curtailed when interest in the search for
meaning is lacking or restricted by the fog
of erroneous perceptions. Failure to
utilize interest-motivation as a source of
energy is underscored by lack of
commitment as opposed to
identity" (Kohlberg). "Laziness" is
given permission to root (Peck).

Without the trust (Phase I) to
interact with hope (Phase IV), the
Quest: Provocation Phase (faith)
remains committed to circular
repetitive responses to life's
"encaustic energy orbits" (EEOs)
without an influx of new energy that
is manifested as charity or love
(Phase III).

In the incessant fight to avoid
unpleasure, more unpleasure is
produced because the Questing is
taking place within a closed system
and is therefore in rival for survival
with others. Raising self-defensive
strategies would make of one
another each other's enemy.

This is very much the repeated
adulthood modeling experienced
from childhood without
intervention/transformation. The
safety element for the resolution of
provocation in the Childhood
Mastery Block, has been violated
(Mazlow). In its place a fear of
having to confront a provocation is
developed. As the quest for
personal  fulfilment is pursued
(Keen, 1986), provocation becomes
the stumbling block that has to be
removed at any cost.

Because the skills for overcoming or
transforming the provocation are
lacking, the analysis process and the
ability to make sense of life
experiences are distorted and
erroneous. Mature commitments are
an impossible task for adults with an
underdeveloped Phase II. Restak,
1991; Katz, 1988) Restak calls this
destruction in children that may lead
to moral impotence in adults: mind
murder. Intervention and
transformational development
restores and heals Mindsphere
Please NOTE:
This page was completed on
September 10, 2001, on the Eve of
Destruction: Forever In Memoriam
for those who died and In Prayer
that no other human succumb to
darkness  embodying the shadow
of evil disguised as the good
"Being Terrorist."
Encaustic Energy Orbits : EEOs

run circular
gaining strength
with each lap
ever-flowing movement
raging sap
never-ending cesspool pit
feeding the encore:
"i'll get you back"

But the Grand Passion
burnt and spent
on our behalf
is a reciprocal love
raises our genetic inheritance
above nature’s limitations
invites us to our divine potential
into the ardour of inclusive benevolence:
     encaustic energy orbits
consumed with compassion
deeply drawing from the reservoir of mercy

Mary Angela Nangini