Amoral Intelligence:
-the betrayal of our divine heritage
The Shadow of Human Potential
Personal/Group Energy - misplaced

What kind of energy rides
behind trumped-up moments
living for a cause
creating problems?

What kind of mind
needs such twists
and turns
into the dark alleyways
of intrusions?

Would be less harmful
Than mis-use, dis-use, mal-use, ab-use
Mis-placed potential
Although non-use is just as criminal
When non-action is preferred to commitment

Energy derived from personal images "of being" and
of self-perception are explored within a context
of their "dis-use", "mis-use", "mal-use".
According to the Liquid Thinking Model, (LTM)
energy or "Being Metaphor" when engaged in
destruction becomes "Being Metaphor Shadow". The
research-search asks: Are the two types of
energies connected?; How are they connected?; Are
they inter-changeable?; Can energy be

The Four Phases of Being in LTM can be understood
and used primarily on a personal basis:

Phase I -Wonderment:!!:Liminality
-open to wonder and awe, surprise

Phase II-Quest:??:Provocation
-in search of; provoked to respond

Phase III- Active Database: Expertise;   
-self-creation/evolution, information-flux, field
of expertise.........

Phase IV- Flux:Transformation
- seer of blessing/grace

Phase I/II Block: Childhood Maturity Block
Active Subconscious: Backburner Functions

Phase III/IV Block: Adulthood Maturity Block
Active Subconscious: Front Burner Functions

Phase I/IV - Unexpected: Gift
Intuition: Feminine, Subjective, Invisible,
Right-brained Divergent Functions

Phase II/III - Action: Preparation
Logic: Masculine, Objective, Visible, Left-brained
Convergent Functions

Phase II/IV - Response to Love
Phase III/I - Response with Service

In LTM, thwarted potential refers to
underdeveloped Phases. Actions arising out of the
degree of Response-Ability developed by a person
determines the maturity of spiritual competence.
Responses that are not synchronized to the Four
Phases Of Being, signify deficiencies in one or
more pairs of Phases manifested by the Being
Metaphor Shadow:

Phase I -insensitivity to others and
Phase II -avoidance of unpleasure
Phase III -provocative wilfulness
Phase IV -damaged self-esteem
Phase I/III -self-centredness; narcissism
Phase II/IV - hording; laziness

A person's energy, directed towards continual
growth is renewed and replenished when life
choices are in consultation with, or in
Oscillation with the
Phase I/IV Block. When human
potential is blocked, distorted, corrupted,
crushed, inhibited and therefore -Thwarted, human
energy or Potential, becomes energy exercised in a
closed system within the
Phase II/III Block. For
whatever reasons, a person who does not know how
to replenish personal energy,  is prevented from
seeking it out, or refuses to access the
ever-abundant gift of energy source, grace... a
person directs personal energy on a
preservative/defensive track:

1. "dis-use" - Phase II is underdeveloped;
-Liminality is closed; wonderment is lost

2. "mis-use" -Phase III is underdeveloped;
-Flux:Transformation not available; seer and
visionary capacities nullified

3. "mal-use" -Phase II/III forces in circuitous
-"need" is blind to the abundance of Phase I/IV
for processing self's

4. "re-perceptualization" - a conscious choice or


The God-Teacher's Resposibility and The Learner's

-Teaching/Strengthening Phase I/IV Block
-Searching/Finding/Learning for:
a) ownership of teaching strategies for mentorship
and personal growth
b) ownership of personal energy in the learning
for teach-Ability in preparation for
Change-Ability as adult
Repetitive Cycles

Evil uses the same strategy: destruction
The same sounds-words repetitive cycles
To "change" makes the method impotent
Therefore "freshness" and "surprise"
Are disqualifiers unless they become tactics
Used by who - when - where and how
But never what
Or the why drops out
And there would be no grounds
Can only be effective
If its reasons remain constant:

        to destroy confuse,
        disrupt, interrupt, prevent,
        steal, vanquish kill....
        the greed-need God-complex
        that can never be filled

Self-aggrandizement and control
Egotism's blinding stanchions
Circuitous habits of the non-loving:

      Those who fear most
      Their self-destruction
       Cause and become
       Destruction's pawns
       Fulfilling their fear
       By making it real

And those who succumb to group evil
Find themselves caught
In the perpetual rite of repetition
Ignoring creation's autopoeisis
Refusing primordial instructions to listen:
To discover "self" - gift of uniqueness
Celebrating differentness through respect
To let the abundance of multiform  be known
The self-revelation of being
Shared in love and communion
To create new unions.

The repetitive nature of evil-doing
Is human intelligence "Being Amoral"  
Checks revitalizing energy into stalemate
Sucks enthusiasm out of life for hate
Surrenders self-creation
Conscious choice in abdication
Renouncing the gift of freedom
Enslaved to the wrong.

Amoral Intelligence
in its blindness
does not see
the newness of energy
grace offers
the oppressed
the condemned to the margins
the scattered, the shattered
the ripped to shred humans - given
the thunder of strength.

Lightening insight strikes those
most drowned
by heinous crimes
the clarion of perception
          - how life is transitory temporal
focuses reality and sees long-term eternal.

The crushing of the hardened shell
     opens the way for the seer seedling:
                     reintegration of meaning.

(c) Mary Angela Nangini