Sample Poetry from
by Mary Angela Nangini
The Edwin Mellen Press 1991
Power Struggle

I'll allow you
Control me
I draw my strings
Around you
Sink into me
Bite deeper
You'll have to try
A little harder
To control again
I hold the stakes
Take possession
Overturn them
A game that never ends
Drawn by the stench
Circling over carrion
Vulturizing one another
Picking each other clean
Flesh and bone and marrow
We are one cadaver

My heart welled with joy
His hair head hands
His stance
His face
From the back
From the front
He was you
And different
Tears filled my eyes
My heart heard the moment
Special occasion
My whole being embraced him
I loved him
And I ached all the more
Because he wasn't you
Your other
Twin brother
getting even      

now you're open
now you're closed
you toy with me

you're playing a game

i'd love to reciprocate
with lots of the same

i'd like to return the pain
i'd like to cause you
an emotional migraine
i'd like to take the sun
and leave you
with the rain

i'd love to retaliate
how i'd gloat to inflict
triumphant spiteful hate

to hurt and reject
to degrade and deject
to show you lack of respect

i'd love to feel superior
i'd like to control you as my inferior
i'd enjoy being your tormentor

i'd watch you my enemy cringe
i'd watch and not even flinch
i'd watch and watch.........

and as i'd watch
before my very eyes
i'd see myself chastised
my own reflection being cannibalized