With a Bang or a Whimper:
by Mary Angela Nangini and Chris Evans

This play/musical was performed at the 10th World Congress on Gifted and
Talented Education
during A Gifted Globe Conference at the Royal York
Hotel in Toronto 1993. It is based on the life of Samantha Smith, who was
invited by Mr. Andropov, Leader of the Soviet Union, to visit Russia when
she was only 10 years old, and by 13, her life came to an abrupt end. She is
recognized as a World Embassador for Peace for Youth.
The Way of the Cross by Mary Angela Nangini

This play in poetry format on the fourteen Stations of the Cross was performed on Good Friday at St. Mary's Church in
Brampton, Ontario. In celebration of World Poetry Day 2002, with
Dialogue Through Poetry and Poetry on the Peaks
we joined the many voices around the world promoting World Peace through Poetry. This play was performed at St.
Mary's for the subsequent 10 years.
Being Empowered: Teaching The Sacraments
Nine lessons for Teachers available with response activities
for the full script e-mail author:  maryangela@nangini.com
Escape From Thralldom by Mary Angela Nangini
This script posted on Dianne Schwartz' website: Educating Against
Domestic Violence (is no longer available)[ e-mail for Mary Angela]
Hallowe'en Night by Mary Angela Nangini *Safety, Imagination, Fun*
NOTICE For Classroom Teachers:

The play/musical With a Bang or a Whimper may be used for classroom
discussion on a variety of relevant themes, current issues, and urgent
concerns for World Peace.

To use free of charge with a written permission for release of the SCRIPT
and for an in-depth ANALYSIS of the many issues, problems and themes
e-mail your requests to: