Snow Dome Crown 1
Snow Dome Crown 2
Snow Dome Crown 3
Snow Dome Crown 4
Snow Dome Crown 5
Snow Dome Crown 6
Mary's Snow Crown Dome - Resembling St. Peter's Dome
After the Snowfall of February 8 -2013
After the Saturday night Mass on February 9th, and as I was leaving by the Office exit, a woman coming
across the driveway from a side exit, excitedly approached me as I passed and asked if I had seen
Mary's Statue and I followed her gaze and there in the shadowy corner of the Church was Mary's white
marble statue wearing a brand new snow crown. Our laughter of delight drew others to look as they
passed and then I too continued to go home. But in my mind, I knew Mary would want me to take a
picture of Her new crown of snow -following the contours of the statue so precisely, so I turned around
and took the 6 pictures. The time was about 6:15pm. After taking the first 3 pictures, our Pastor, Fr.
Liborio Amaral came out to bless a car waiting in the driveway. It was this car that had its headlights
shining on the statue so I could take these pictures.
(This is the same Mother Mary as the Medjugorje
Mary. See:

The next day, Sunday the 10th of February, I was sharing the photo of Mary's Snow Crown and I noticed
a cross shape on the dress of Our Lady in the 4th and 5th pictures. There was no cross on the statue
being lit up by the car's headlights the night before because if it had been there, the people leaving after
Mass would have flocked to the little life-sized statue to look a little closer and a lot longer. Even before
the Pope's announcement reached us on the 11th, nature was silently dressing God's Perfect Creation
with a perfect dome! (This is in reference to this article:
**Why was his resignation made on Feast Day of Lourdes?)

After I saw the picture of the lightning bolt striking St. Peter's dome, I was sharing the pictures again on
the 12th, and I automatically described Mary's new crown as Mary's Snow Dome -St. Peter! the lightning
bolt! the Pope! a priest and the cross, and a little white marble statue of Mother Mary with a Snow-Dome
Crown at St. Mary's Church in Brampton whose Marian statues and namesake is the Immaculate
Conception celebrated on Dec. 8, after Our Lady of Lourdes!! It was then that I also realized that the
cross appears on Mary's dress after Fr. Liborio came out to bless the car with holy water while intoning
with his megaphone voice the Our Father into the silent night: every anointed priest belongs to Jesus
under the sign of the Cross, whether he performs a simple priestly duty like blessing a car or sitting on
the Chair of Peter! Jesus is in charge. This is His Church; this is His Pontiff just as, this is His priest. And
His Mother Mary is the Mother of the Church and in a very special way she is the Mother of every priest
Jesus chooses and calls to service as servant of the Eucharist -the Living Jesus, the Perfect Sacrifice,
the Divine Presence among us. The voice of Truth and Love is always One. There is no division or
contradiction in decisions, intentions or actions, our beloved Pope Benedict tells us (Ash Wednesday
Mass). And in these pictures worth a thousand words, Our Holy Mother reassures us that the decision of
the Head of the Church on earth is in union with the Holy Will of God. And Mary's new crown? Well, it
looks like a perfectly sculpted snow-dome, lending to the lightning,
God's seal of approval that struck St.
Peter's Dome and lit the night sky!
Meeting of two living Popes: Reigning Pope Francis I & Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI -3/23/2013  

(click here for the full story by Dr. Robert Moynihan, Letter #60: “We are brothers”… in humility)

“Pope Francis presented to Pope emeritus Benedict the icon which had been presented to Pope
Francis by Metropolitan Hilarion on behalf of Patriarch Kirill [the head of the Russian Orthodox
Church] after the private audience [with the new Pope] on 20 March. Отправлено с iPhone [Sent
from iPhone]  

“So the icon was the Russian icon Hilarion gave to Francis three days ago!   

I wrote back: “Amazing. Are you pleased, or upset?”    

I added: “It is reported here: ‘They spent 45 minutes talking alone. Pope Francis gave Pope Benedict
an icon of Our Lady of Humility, saying that when he received it, he immediately thought of giving it
to Pope Benedict.’”    

Hilarion wrote back: “Very pleased and touched.”  

Now, what does all this mean?  

Well, it means that at the moment Pope Francis and Pope Benedict first met, at the first meeting
ever of the “two Popes” of the Roman Catholic Church, there was a “Russian connection” and an
“Orthodox connection” which was present, which was between them, joining them: an image of the
Virgin Mary, the Madonna of Humility, brought from Russia and given to Pope Francis in Rome on
March 20, an image which immediately struck Pope Francis when he received it as reminding him of
Benedict, an image which he decided to bring with him today, to give to Emeritus Pope Benedict, on
the occasion of the unprecedented, historic occasion, of their first meeting.  

Others may find further elements in this bit of news to reflect upon. To me, it suggests that Mary,
Mother of the Church, is watching over the Church, in these difficult and dangerous times, and
acting as a mother even to these two men, Benedict and Francis, bringing them together.  

I sense in this a mysterious design, yes, a mystical design, something transcending our ordinary
understanding of cause and effect, a design, as I see it, for Christians, for the Christian Church, to
return to greater communion, greater unity, East and West, Greek and Latin, Orthodox and Catholic
— with one of the great “hinge points” being… Russia.  

The Madonna of Humility… it is precisely humility that brings these two Popes together. One very
simple and humble, the other very simple and humble. One dedicated to a life of thought, to
theology, the other dedicated to a life of action, to pastoral care of the poor.  

And the way to proceed forward toward greater Christian unity is this same way, the way of Mary,
the way of humility.
The Marian
From Lourdes
to Fatima
to Russia