“My God, I Know This Place, I Am Home.”
A reflection for All Souls Day 2010, by Fr. Rosica*
reminds me of this special story of my beloved
family members who have gone home and mysteriously
still linger with me in my own home.

All Souls Day 2010:

I am home!

The hope of the believer
and for the skeptic… reveling in the truth:
There is a home!

And on earth
we are comforted in this Truth
but in my house
Baby Charlotte’s shadow
behind Mary’s statue
is real and requires no belief
to see my 2-month-old Granddaughter’s face…

..so is Papa’s shadow and his parents
Nonnitto e Nonnetta
-as true as their photos
our beloveds who have gone home.

And then there it was!
The more complicated shadow
unraveled around All Saints & All Soul’s 2007
-a year and some later
the holographic image of my brother
superimposed by the shadow image of…St. Padre Pio!!
The characteristic wide smile of the one
begins the outline of the other’s beard.

Not the everyday stories
behind these family images
seen as shadows on a wall in black and white
but the faith found within them is simple love and testament.

The images are visible only during the day.
The decorations of the wreath behind the Statue of Our Lady
cast the shadows against the wall when flooded by daylight.
Why do they resemble members of my deceased family?
I’ll ask again when I go home.

MA Nangini: All Saints Day 2010
Charlotte: Granddaughter
Gino: Brother & St. Padre Pio Hologram
Nonnetta: Grandma
Nonnitto: Grandpa
Papá: Achille
for their stories go to theHOLY above
Shadows of Deceased Family Members Behind the Statue of the Immaculate Conception at Home